Trends 2013


– Domestic Expansion – The states that already have some casino gambling will seek to expand either by attaining new properties or new cutting edge games.

– Financial – Gaming facilities are multiplying & more of them will be financed with real estate oriented structures.

– International – The development plans for the Primorye Gaming Zone in Russia are being realized. It has the potential to be a prominent Asian center of gaming.

– Internet – The Next Big Thing could be electronic gaming & social networking. It is taking steps in behind the scene to ensure this is the case.

– Law Enforcement – Internet sweepstakes cafes will be moved on quickly, either being eliminated or regulated because they are being recognized as a revenue source & financially harmful.

– Lottery – Many lotteries will be pressured to privatize or at least bring on private management as they move towards a greater presence online. Convergence of traditional gaming & State Lotteries will be accelerated because of Internet wagering.

– Markets – Competition in neighboring states will cause gaming operators pressuring for lower tax rates in high tax markets. Long time casino reluctant states will continue legalization efforts as an effort to add a revenue stream & to stop gambling money from crossing state lines. More states will explore offering additional form of gambling such as slot machines in bars.

– Native American – Native American Casinos will venture into Internet gambling with FREE poker sites while pushing to open the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act up to Internet gaming as well. States will also feel the pressure to renegotiate the exclusivity provisions in place for American Indian Gaming.

– Online – Online Companies will seek to find physical locations in some states to gain a foothold on the licensing needed for Internet operations in those states. Social Gaming & online gambling will merge, pressure will be felt for new updated regulations. All of the tribal operators will be seeking a very visible presence in the online gaming community.

– Regulation – Casinos converging with lotteries as well as new suppliers from Europe trying to enter the US market will cause heavier background investigations & the licensing of suppliers. The scrutiny of licenses operating internationally where money laundering & currency violations are commonplace will be heavily increased. Companies will be subject to scrutiny by US & international law enforcement with regard to their conduct as well as practices but gaming will continue to expand worldwide.

– Technology – US unemployment rates will slowly improve as the economy continues to struggle. This will cause casino operators to continue to implement the use of automated technologies & look for ways to improve the operating efficiency. This equates to more staff reduction & restructuring effecting the employment as well as the payroll levels of casino operators.

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