Pair of 2’s too

I consider the people I play with to have a right to privacy. I will not use any names in my story for this reason. They know who they are and should they come across this in the future, they will surely know it is about them. I do not need to shame them. As stated previously, the best way to handle them is to deal with them directly and to teach them some kind of a lesson out of the matter if at all possible. For this you must first observe behaviors, create a strategy to use ones own flaws against them, then execute your often complicated plan without the mark catching on first.

The fact that many stars are self absorbed is a great benefit when implementing this type of a scheme. Let me get right down to the explanation. I was enjoying a very spirited game of Texas Hold’em when a well known Hollywood actor joined the table. As is my custom when this happens I introduced myself and proceeded to watch his gameplay. I also watched the way he handled the people he interacted with. There were many great things to be learned. I knew what I needed to know before too very long.

I noticed several things. First he liked to play a lot of hands. This usually means to me that they play garbage hands and try to knock people out with their chip advantage and a little bluffing. If they are good at it they never have to show their hands to confirm the bluff and can continue to do use the same strategy until they are called out on it. Second, the guy did not tip the waitress when she brought his drink and treated her in a very abrasive manor. She set his drink down in front of him at a busy table. She had several other orders on her tray and served him first with a smile and greeting but because she set the drink down on the table in the drink holder rather than handing it directly to him he scolded her for it. Not only did he say something to her but he said something to the whole table about her.

Before long I decided to jump in head long. I took every chance I could do call the guy out. I would not only get him all riled up about the cards but also about the people who would randomly walk by and take notice of him. Some would ask for a signature others would ask for a picture. I would antagonize him with each hand. I would take notice every time he folded… Eventually we played against one another heads up. I knew he had nothing and I called him every raise he offered. You see, I had the pair of 2’s. He went all in with nothing trying to bully me aside but I had his number. I called his bluff and took his money but more importantly I laid it out for him right there in front of the room exactly why I did it. He left half way through my explanation but I don’t think he will ever treat anybody in that fashion again…