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Pair of 2’s too
I consider the people I play with to have a right to privacy. I will not use any names in my story for this reason. They know who they are and should they come across...
Pair of 2’s
Tuesday after I got off of work I decided to head over to the Casino to play a little poker... I hold down a regular job so I am not a pro but I do...
Trends 2013
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Pair of 2’s too

I consider the people I play with to have a right to privacy. I will not use any names in my story for this reason. They know who they are and should they come across this in the future, they will surely know it is about them. I do not need to shame them. As stated previously, the best way to handle them is to deal with them directly and to teach them some kind of a lesson out of the matter if at all possible. For this you must first observe behaviors, create a strategy to use ones own flaws against them, then execute your often complicated plan without the mark catching on first.

The fact that many stars are self absorbed is a great benefit when implementing this type of a scheme. Let me get right down to the explanation. I was enjoying a very spirited game of Texas Hold’em when a well known Hollywood actor joined the table. As is my custom when this happens I introduced myself and proceeded to watch his gameplay. I also watched the way he handled the people he interacted with. There were many great things to be learned. I knew what I needed to know before too very long.

I noticed several things. First he liked to play a lot of hands. This usually means to me that they play garbage hands and try to knock people out with their chip advantage and a little bluffing. If they are good at it they never have to show their hands to confirm the bluff and can continue to do use the same strategy until they are called out on it. Second, the guy did not tip the waitress when she brought his drink and treated her in a very abrasive manor. She set his drink down in front of him at a busy table. She had several other orders on her tray and served him first with a smile and greeting but because she set the drink down on the table in the drink holder rather than handing it directly to him he scolded her for it. Not only did he say something to her but he said something to the whole table about her.

Before long I decided to jump in head long. I took every chance I could do call the guy out. I would not only get him all riled up about the cards but also about the people who would randomly walk by and take notice of him. Some would ask for a signature others would ask for a picture. I would antagonize him with each hand. I would take notice every time he folded… Eventually we played against one another heads up. I knew he had nothing and I called him every raise he offered. You see, I had the pair of 2’s. He went all in with nothing trying to bully me aside but I had his number. I called his bluff and took his money but more importantly I laid it out for him right there in front of the room exactly why I did it. He left half way through my explanation but I don’t think he will ever treat anybody in that fashion again…

Pair of 2’s

Tuesday after I got off of work I decided to head over to the Casino to play a little poker… I hold down a regular job so I am not a pro but I do alright for myself when all is said and done. I have played poker with some pretty famous people. Not only famous poker players but actual Hollywood stars too. You see, poker is much more mainstream than it used to be and it seems like everyone wants to give it a try. You have to be playing someplace nice to see that type of person walk in and join the table but if you spend much time in Vegas like me that happens on a pretty regular basis.

I absolutely love it when these actors (or actresses) walk in only to join a table that I am playing at. First, I like to meet them. It’s nice to see what type of person they are in real life. Second, They have money to bring to the table and I like that. Most important, they often fancy themselves a gambler even though they are not. Many feel that their acting skills translate into being able to bluff well… There is no such correlation in my estimation. They are in fact almost always bad at it. I never prejudge in these situations. It’s always best to sit back for a few hands and pay attention to them. See what they seem to be about. Then, look deeper into what they are actually about. Many pay too much attention to themselves and their fans but forget that they are in a competition for money.

You might be amazed at some of the stories I could tell you about people I that have a very friendly public persona but really are not very nice at all when it comes right down to it. It always amazes me when someone that is famous tries to treat people in a subjective manor. Like they too should bow down to their greatness or serve them in some way like their employees are paid to. I don’t think that many have a firm grip on reality. They hire yes men to take care of them while they are in their shell but when they come out they still have to deal with people like me…

If you give these people enough rope, they will usually use it to hang themselves with. Let me give you an example about one such encounter involving a pair of 2’s. It illustrates effectively my point and drives the matter home for me. The best way to handle these people is to teach them a lesson about the way the real world works.

Trends 2013

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– Domestic Expansion – The states that already have some casino gambling will seek to expand either by attaining new properties or new cutting edge games.

– Financial – Gaming facilities are multiplying & more of them will be financed with real estate oriented structures.

– International – The development plans for the Primorye Gaming Zone in Russia are being realized. It has the potential to be a prominent Asian center of gaming.

– Internet – The Next Big Thing could be electronic gaming & social networking. It is taking steps in behind the scene to ensure this is the case.

– Law Enforcement – Internet sweepstakes cafes will be moved on quickly, either being eliminated or regulated because they are being recognized as a revenue source & financially harmful.

– Lottery – Many lotteries will be pressured to privatize or at least bring on private management as they move towards a greater presence online. Convergence of traditional gaming & State Lotteries will be accelerated because of Internet wagering.

– Markets – Competition in neighboring states will cause gaming operators pressuring for lower tax rates in high tax markets. Long time casino reluctant states will continue legalization efforts as an effort to add a revenue stream & to stop gambling money from crossing state lines. More states will explore offering additional form of gambling such as slot machines in bars.

– Native American – Native American Casinos will venture into Internet gambling with FREE poker sites while pushing to open the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act up to Internet gaming as well. States will also feel the pressure to renegotiate the exclusivity provisions in place for American Indian Gaming.

– Online – Online Companies will seek to find physical locations in some states to gain a foothold on the licensing needed for Internet operations in those states. Social Gaming & online gambling will merge, pressure will be felt for new updated regulations. All of the tribal operators will be seeking a very visible presence in the online gaming community.

– Regulation – Casinos converging with lotteries as well as new suppliers from Europe trying to enter the US market will cause heavier background investigations & the licensing of suppliers. The scrutiny of licenses operating internationally where money laundering & currency violations are commonplace will be heavily increased. Companies will be subject to scrutiny by US & international law enforcement with regard to their conduct as well as practices but gaming will continue to expand worldwide.

– Technology – US unemployment rates will slowly improve as the economy continues to struggle. This will cause casino operators to continue to implement the use of automated technologies & look for ways to improve the operating efficiency. This equates to more staff reduction & restructuring effecting the employment as well as the payroll levels of casino operators.

Analyze Online Casinos

Let’s be honest – it’s crowded out there! There are literally thousands of online casinos. Contrary to popular belief, they are not all the same. In fact, it’s not at all uncommon for some to be relatively good at some things, but completely miss the boat on others. Investing money in online casinos should be done carefully, one should try doing so in an online casino most people go to.

Here at Analyze Online Casinos, we try our best to showcase those online casinos (including casinos that accept US players) that excel at the entire kit and caboodle from online security to numbers of online casino games and their playability factors, to level of bonus and value-added promotions, to quality of customer care. And we also take a look deeper into such things as payout percentages and speed and ease in terms of processing payments and deposits. All of the online gambling sites that we recommend here have passed our stringent test with flying colors.

We have sections devoted exclusively to online casinos that cater to U.S-based players and other sections created to identify the best “world” online casinos as well. We’ve also recently added a section detailing three of the best online casino games that you should check out, explaining why these particular casino games are best when played online, as opposed to playing them at land-based casinos. For the latest news on whats going on in the online casino world check out For the best directory try and their listings of USA slots, which is much more comprehensive than most. They also list brick and mortar casinos and the site is organized to quickly look up your favorite gaming site or establishment.

Finally, we’ve devoted an entire page to poker. ¬†While most popular online casino games are ‘games of chance’, poker mixes in a fair amount of strategy. You could learn all there is to know about online slots and still never be any more likely to win, while a little bit of know-how can boost your poker skills considerably. On our poker page, we’re committed to showcasing our top three rooms, telling you exactly why they’ve so impressed us.

Online Gambling as an industry is one of the largest & fastest growing markets right now. There’s a net worth of around $30,000,000,000 (Billion) & it was expanding at a rate of 2.5% last year after a previous slow down resulting from the economic recession. The industry is expected to continue growing for at least the next 5 years. Well established markets have less room for growth but will perform strongly due to the recovering economy. Online betting has truly become one of the largest phenomenon recently Currently it appears that Europe is the fastest growing market. in 2012 there was a 45% increase in online gambling yield. Most Asian countries still had a ban on Internet Gambling as of 2012 but consumers still remained interested in gambling. These figures may take an even more drastic change over the coming years.

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All online casinos have their own set of rules & regulations for games. These rules explain how to play the game chosen, what the goal of the game is & how much the payout is going to be. Some of the games will have very simple rules while other games will have a complex set of rules to which you must adhere. Knowing these rules in advance will help increase your odds at winning. These rules are not meant to intimidate you. there is no test on the material covered. They are merely there so you can familiarize yourself with them in an attempt to feel relaxed & confident about your working knowledge in order to improve your game play. It should also help you to enjoy the entire gambling experience more as well.

What is the importance of the casino game rules? When you play games online any variation to the rules can change the outcome vastly. It could mean the difference between winning & losing in the long run. For example some games of Blackjack allow for the player to double down on any variation of cards rather than only on a particular combination. Knowing this information will allow for the best possible decision to be made at all times.

The rules associated with slot machines online is even more important. For example, with many progressive online slots you must bet a minimum number of coins to collect on the progressive jackpot. If the player fails to bet the proper number of coins in this situation they will cost themselves a tremendous amount. Imagine how it would feel to win thousands of dollars only to later realize that if you bet 1 more coin you would have won a million dollar jackpot. Sure you would still be happy with your winning but by knowing the rules could have changed the entire path your life would have taken…

What rules apply to the game you want to play? Every Internet casino game & online slot machine has a question mark icon at the top of the screen they are played on. If you press this icon you will get a complete copy of the rules of play. This feature does not cost anything & can change everything so familiarize yourself with those rules if you have not already. Most of these casinos will offer game play tutorials for their games. Each tutorial should cover the rules of play as well as game play basics & payout amounts if applicable. They should also offer a list of definitions associated with popular terms used in game play. Your best bet is to read all of the associated rules, watch the tutorials & know the terminology. If you do this you should be ready to start wagering with on the Internet like a pro!

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